Friday, November 24, 2006

Enjoy the warmth

We are currently in the middle of a very nice stretch of weather. The temperatures have been just average (which equates to a tad chilly for most), but that is starting to change. The next few days will see upper 50's, with 60 possible. The one cool day looks to be Tuesday. But let me forewarn you: do not get too used to the warmth.

A massive dome of arctic air (to the tune of -50F in the Yukon) has been building over Alaska and Canada. A storm system just starting to come into the Northwest will open the floodgate for this cold air. This storm system will not get to us until next weekend, but it does appear it will get very cold over much of the nation. And, of course, any time it turns cold, the Lake Effect will get going.

An interesting note about the timing of this arctic air. I have been keeping statistics for late November/Early December since 2003. All 3 of the previous years have seen a very cold and snowy first week of December. It looks like this year will make it 4.

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  1. And what a storm system it is here in the northwest! Been snowing for days! I'd forgotten what it was like to have to shovel my car out. Your dad gave me the link for your site. Looks great! Laura says hi too!