Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trouble Brewing

All I ask is you don't shoot the messenger. After a bit of snow tonight, we could be in for some real trouble early next week. This is still a ways out, but it could be pretty major, which is why I am alerting you of the possibility so far ahead of time.

First off, tonight:

A pretty decently sized storm is heading our way, spreading precipitation towards us. It will start as rain for everyone as it moves in during the next few hours. As the night goes on, colder air will work in and change a lot of the rain over to snow. I think there will only be a few valleys that won't see a change over, Groton not being one of them. I don't think we will get much snow though...maybe 2 or 3 inches max. The precipitation will change back to rain tomorrow, before ending as snow showers Friday.

While all this is happening, a storm system will move through the Southern Rockies and out into the Texas, before moving into the Southeast. As it stands now, this storm will then move up the coast, spreading precipitation over us Sunday or Monday. We should also be cold enough for snow. If a nor' easter wasn't enough, the storm is then expected to stall out somewhere between the New Jersey and Massachusetts coast. This means it will keep snowing here, possibly heavily for a couple of days.

Needless to say, this storm bears a lot of watching over the next few days. It has the potential to be very destructive, not just from snow, but wind and flooding as well across the entire northeast. You will defiantly want to stay tuned. Feel free to leave comments on the blog, or email me if you have questions/comments!

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