Saturday, December 15, 2007

10PM Update: A "Perfect Storm?"

The snow continues to pick up in intensity across the area and I don't think it will stop becoming heavy anytime soon. The snow/sleet line is still way south in central PA and not advancing north. I remain steadfast in thinking we will be all snow.

Even more interesting is what is happening in the southeast. The remains of Tropical Storm Olga are starting to show signs of getting caught up in the developing coastal low. If that happens, this low will have more moisture and will likely be strong than anticipated. Since the National Weather Service doesn't have the coastal low developing until late tomorrow off the New England coast, I am concerned that they are really blowing this forecast bad. We will have to watch and see how this thing continues to play out, but if anything, in the end, this could be a very memorable, historic storm across the entire eastern third of the country.

As Henry Margusity,'s Senior Meteorologist says in his blog...."It's like the perfect storm happening in front of our faces and we are just starting see it happening."


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