Sunday, December 16, 2007

Part 1 Done, Part 2 Beginning

Part 1 of this storm didn't behave anything like I expected it to. There are a variety of reasons why things didn't turn out. The influence of Olga striking Florida...the coastal storm not blowing up...all in all this storm has been a complex, disorganized mess...a forecasting nightmare to say the least.

We have changed back to snow now and should stay there as the coastal storm, now off the coast of New Jersey, continues to develop. The precipitation shield remains disorganized and broken, so some breaks in the precipitation are likely. I still think we should be able to squeeze 3-6" more out of this storm before it is done later tonight. However, the prospects for a snow-day tomorrow are no longer very high.

I will be updating the development in a few hours...

1 comment:

  1. Interested to see how things turn out! I know your forecast was right for my area. I was going to give you crap about forecasting rain, even though it was what we expected. Well. . . we got rain.

    Enjoy that fun wind!