Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tornado Watch to the south

An early morning tornado watch is in effect for the counties just south of Tompkins and Cortland counties down through Pennsylvania and Ohio. There are severe thunderstorm warnings for those same counties (Chemung and Tioga specifically) as thunderstorms out ahead of a cold front move across the area. The cold front is back over Western New York/Pennsylvania, with the low itself sitting over Western New York. With severe storms and a tornado watch on our doorstep, I felt a blog update would be more prudent for today.

As the cold front and low move east this morning, the wind fields will definitely be supportive of possible tornadoes, if more thunderstorms can form along the front. While I do not think there is enough instability this morning...and with all the clouds around I do not foresee us destabilizing...with the potential for a short lived tornado or two if storms were to form, I have to at least mention the possibility. What will likely happen is the cold front will move east of us and some more showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder, will effect us from time to time today. Keep a look out though, and listen for any potential warnings. The best chance for severe weather will be between now and the early afternoon. Beyond that, the front will move through and temperatures will drop, likely ending up in the 50s by sunset.

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