Sunday, September 02, 2007

Greetings from SUNY Oswego!

Hello Groton and surrounding areas! Last week, I left for SUNY Oswego to begin my "formal" education in meteorology. I just wanted to give you guys some idea as to the times to look for updates, based on my may have noticed this week updates at seemingly random times, as well a lack of an update today.

I will do my best for daily updates. If I feel I won't get to update in the morning, I will make a forecast the night before. That being said, I don't see not being able to update as a major problem. Most days I hope to be updated by 8 or 9AM...but if I don't get to it then, it will probably be after noon before I get to update. On weekends, look for forecasts to come out between 9AM and noon, or earlier on Sundays.

Also, now that I am no longer with you, I need reports from you more than ever. Let me know what is going on!

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