Saturday, May 31, 2008


Groton and areas north and east are under a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING! A thunderstorm currently over Southern Cayuga county is strengthening. This storm may contain hail and damaging winds. Take proper precautions.

This storm also has some rotation with it, and I am a little concerned with the shape of the storm. While I doubt it will warrant a tornado warning, be sure to keep checking back in the next 30 mins or so in case it does!

Near Miss South: 2:20 update

The storm continues to develop and strengthen and is currently located southeast of Ithaca. For Groton, all this storm will give us is some rumbles of thunder, which have been ongoing for some time now.

For those of you in Southern Tompkins and Cortland Counties, however, you can expect frequent lightning, very heavy rain, strong winds and maybe some hail. There is still no warning with this storm, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one issued soon. Also, the rotation, while still weak, has increased slightly.

Strong Storm Developing: 1:50PM Update

A thunderstorm has really blown up over Schuyler County in the last 40 minutes. As of this posting, the storm is not severe, but has prompted a "Special Weather Statement" for Tompkins County.

This storm has some weak rotation with it, along with very heavy downpours and possibly some hail. It looks as if the path of this storm will take it south of the Groton area, but Ithaca should get the storm by about 2:20. I will update on this storm in 20-30 minutes, or sooner if a warning is issued.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New site is functioning!

The new site is up and least for the most part. There are still one or two areas that are not fully functioning. For one, the offer for advertising your own business/site on my site is not ready yet, so those links do not work. Also, I am going to be getting new forecast icons, but I don't have them either. If anything else is not working as you think it should, please let me know. You can do this by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking the "contact me" link.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Storms

The new website isn't quite ready to be launched yet, but there is some important weather to talk about today.

There are some clouds moving through this morning along a warm front. This front will bring us some real summer like weather for the rest of the day. Heat and humidity will move in this afternoon. Highs should end up in the mid 80's with dew points in the mid 60's making for a rather sultry day compared to the weather we have been having. As this front passes through, there could be a shower or thunderstorm.

However, later in the evening, say after 4pm, there will be another chance for thunderstorms to develop in the warm, moist atmosphere. These are the storms that have prompted the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma to put us in a "slight" risk for severe thunderstorms. The main threats from these storms will likely be damaging winds, hail, frequent lightning and flash flooding, though an isolated weak tornado can't be ruled out.

These storms will be forming in the "warm sector" well ahead of a cold front. That front will move through overnight and early tomorrow morning, likely with another batch of showers and thunderstorms. However, the most likely time for severe storms will run from roughly 4pm-midnight tonight. Stay tuned for updates through the evening for storms that become severe! And hopefully I will get the new site up by this evening as well!