Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Repeat Storm? Feb 17, 2006 & Jan 30, 2008

I have been tracking a storm system that will bring a high wind event to the area tomorrow, and the similarities between this storm and the storm responsible for the February 2006 windstorm are striking!

First off, lets go back 2 years and look at what the Feb. 17, 2006 windstorm did around the area: (All pictures taken by me.)

Tree down in my backyard. This photo was featured on News Channel 9 that evening.

Two towering pines down in Cayuga County.

This photo was taken in April 2007. The tree was partially uprooted during the Feb. 2006 windstorm, but continued to grow afterwards. You can see the new, upwards growth, making this the "bent tree".

Some other notable aspects include:
In Rochester, a lady was killed when a tree fell on her car.
Just outside of Union Springs, road signs w
ere blown over.
At the Waterloo Premium Outlets, a stop light was blown right off its wires.
SUNY Oswego closed for the day because the wind was blowing construction materials around.

Needless to say, this was a pretty impressive wind storm. Now, on a much larger scale, the previous day, Feb. 16, 2006 had some impressive weather as well...weather that seems to be repeating itself today:

Let's start with Illinois. I distinctly remember having a substitute teacher 9th period that day, thus getting a study hall period. I remember being very excited because of the extreme weather in Illinois. In the northwest part of the state, there were Winter Storm, if not Blizzard Warnings in effect. A few counties to the south, a tornado watch! Here is what is going on today in Illinois:

You can see there are once again Blizzard Warnings (in red) to the north, while just a few counties south, a tornado watch is in effect. Now by the time I grabbed this image, the western edge of the watch had been allowed to expire. However, I re-shaded those areas back in the light yellow with white hatching to show how close the two extremes were.

Now lets look at the Storm Prediction Outlooks for Feb. 16, 2006 and today. Notice how similar they are!

Feb 16, 2006 8AM.....then Today 8AM

Feb 16, 2006 12:30PM.....then Today 12:30PM

Feb 16, 2006 3PM.....then Today 3PM

Obviously the outlooks are not
exactly the same...but they are very, very close when talking about 2 events, 2 years apart! One last graphic to look at is the storm reports from that day (top) compared with todays [updated last: 7:15PM] (bottom):

One last note to make brings us back to Central New York. Tompkins county and points south and east had a Wind Advisory issued during the event, while counties north had a High Wind Warning. That is again the case today.

Now I am not saying that the exact same thing will happen tomorrow as did in Feb. 2006. I just thought the similarities were very interesting and I thought it would be a fun post to make! Hope you enjoyed it!

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