Saturday, March 01, 2008

Service Update, Storms ahead

Thank you everyone for your patience over the past couple of days while I switched over hosting services. The homepage is back up, but I have decided to not link a good deal of the links to their respected pages just yet. I am going to be working on a bit of a redesigning of the page and I want to work on those other pages and update them before relinking them.

Also, last night, I launched a new website with a few of my fellow meteorology students. This site gives forecasts in a similar manner to, with a 3-day forecast, forecast discussion, and hazards outlook for all of New York, which we split into 20 different sections to ensure local, accurate forecasting. The Tompkins, Cortland and Southern Cayuga area is simply linked to, but this site is great for more regional forecasting! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Now, for more of a long range outlook! A very stormy week is coming up next week, with at least 2 different storm systems moving in. By now, I am sure you are becoming familiar with how accurate models are even just a few days out when it comes to large storm systems. I just wanted to mention some of the trends I have been seeing over the past couple of days. First off, while the first storm this week was projected to shoot well to our west, the models are once again bringing it closer to us, with some runs even taking it to the east. This is a very similar trend to what occurred last week. Late last week, the models had a storm tracking to our west, brining rain and warm air in. By Saturday and Sunday, the track had shifted to our south and east and we ended up getting 8" of snow. Now, this isn't the same type of storm system, but it will have to be watched over the next few model runs. Now, later in the week, another storm will ride up the coast and possibly turn into a major nor 'easter. The models have been consistently showing this storm for a few days now, so it too will have to be watched closely. If it becomes anything, it would be later in the week into the weekend. By no means is any of this guaranteed to happen, I am just putting the latest trends out there for you!

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