Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thursday Weather Update

Based on the number of hits on the site today, it appears this storm has generated a nice little bit of hype! Here is what it is looking like based on the latest runs of the models that I have available:

~A cold front came through earlier today and is currently over New England

~The front stretches back into the South, where low pressure will develop and strengthen, leading to an outbreak of severe weather.

~Central New York will see high pressure, with lots of sun shine and highs in the low to mid 60s.

~Yep...that's right, it was an April Fools joke. :) No storm tomorrow!

~Feel free to leave comments and yell at me for pulling your leg, and enjoy the early spring weather tomorrow!

Click here for your real forecast!


  1. YOU NUT!!!

  2. *shakes head and smirks* You, Weatherman are quite the rascal. HOWEVER, there are redemptive points available for the amount of effort you put forth to create the maps, etc.

    Well done! :)

  3. I hope it just peters out and
    dosent do anything. I am ready for Summer.

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