Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Severe Storm Potential

I am very impressed with the atmosphere this morning and feel like this is perhaps the best severe weather set up we have had so far this spring. There is a cold front draped across eastern Ohio this morning that will move eastward and trigger thunderstorms. Ahead of that front, skies have cleared across western New York, creating an already unstable atmosphere even more so. I was surprised to see the instability indexes so high already this morning. You did not need me to tell you that, however, as the humidity this morning is making it feel very uncomfortable and muggy.

The main threat today is going to be large hail and damaging wind gusts. However, conditions also appear favorable for a tornado or two to form, so you will want to keep an eye to the sky. The Storm Prediction Center does not actually have us in a slight risk area today, for reasons that are beyond my understanding. I feel that the will reverse their thinking as the morning wears on and, with their 12:30pm update, add us to the slight risk area. You can check that by clicking here.

I will not be able to update this during the afternoon today. I will actually be down at the National Weather Service in Binghamton on my first day as a summer intern there. I do not think there could have been a better day for me to start, and I believe it will be a very active day down there. Click Here for the latest watches and warning, and click here for a look at the radar.

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