Friday, October 27, 2006

Hold onto your hats!

A major storm system is heading our way and should make this weekend fun...If you like "yucky" weather like me that is! The rain should start later tonight and fall through most of Saturday. As the low pressure really gets wound up and moves up the coast of New England Saturday afternoon, the winds will start to scream. At this time, a high wind watch is in effect for most areas east of Michigan, including us. Winds could gust up to 60 mph at times, so if you still have lawn furniture out, securing it or anything else that could blow around would be a good idea. The rain will be falling hard and we should get 1-2", maybe more. Rain amounts on the higher end of the spectrum could cause some minor flooding. However, more importantly, the rain will loosen the soil around the trees and cause some to fall.

Last night, I got caught up in all my weather stats and records. I had really fallen behind, but everything is up to date. I haven't put any of it back on the website yet...I am going to look into an easier way of doing it. You will notice I do now have monthly and yearly rain totals up in the almanac section. The quiz I was talking about last post, as well as the October/November Newsletter I am hoping to get done this weekend! Have a good weekend and don't get blown away!

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