Monday, April 16, 2007

Superstorm Update: 10AM

Here is the latest on what is happening with this super storm, not just across our area, but elsewhere as well:

This radar image, taken from the NewsChannel9 Website, really tells the whole story. I have painted the low pressure center (red L) and the winds around the low (black arrows) on the map. The low pressure is sitting over Long Island, where it will stay for at least a few more hours. The minimum pressure is about that of a category 2 hurricane, so you know this is a monster storm! As you can see, winds around the low blow counter clockwise. That means all that precipitation to our east (we are about under the "r" in Syracuse) still has to come through.

What is this storm doing elsewhere? Here is a general overview. In Binghamton, there are reports of power outages. Parts of New Jersey have gotten over 6" of rain, and it is still raining. The winds at the coast are gusting to over hurricane force. That, coupled with an already high tide due to the new moon tomorrow, is creating coastal flooding. All in all, by the time this storm is done, it should cost over a billion dollars.

For us, the heavy snow should continue for most of the day. There may be a couple times it lets up a bit, but it will come down hard again after a while. This evening, as the low weakens and starts to move, our heavy snow will end, leaving us with just snow showers. Storm totals should end up in the 14-18" range, but there will be spots around here that get 2 feet, and I wouldn't be surprised to see someone go over 30".

Keep checking back for updates through the day! Send me pictures and data too!

10:20 AM Update: I am on a NATIONAL WEBSITE! I took a movie clip and sent it to Accuweather's Henry Margusity, who writes an excellent blog column...and he put my video up! Click Here to view Henry' Accuweather Blog Post!

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