Thursday, July 19, 2007

Severe threat not gone

Today's threat for severe storms isn't fact, it is just getting going. Thunderstorms are ongoing across western New York and eastern Canada, and the Storm Prediction Center is watching these storms closely and may issue a severe thunderstorm watch. Regardless of a watch being issued or not, these storms have the potential to pack a punch. The sun is also out across the region now, just adding fuel for these storms. Wind damage and hail are the main threats, though I am concerned with flash flooding. Most places have already picked up 0.5-1.5" of rain during the past 48 hours, and more heavy rain could cause some problems. Be safe: Never drive through a flooded roadway!

Storms will continue to rumble through the first part of the night before the cold front responsible for all this moves in with drier air. Stay tuned for any watches and a heads-up to any severe storms!

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