Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Afternoon Storm Thoughts

I actually do not have much new information on the upcoming storm. Winter Storm Watches have been posted for most of New York, except the counties under the jurisdiction of the NWS in Binghamton, which includes the entire region. I would bet they have not issued them yet because they still tend to think it will rain.

This will not may sleet for a while, but it will not rain. The models may say it will rain, but from the start, the models have not handled this set up well. For example, the models predicted temperatures in the teens and 20's across the Dakotas this morning....instead, they were 10-20 colder in the single digits! This error is caused by a couple of things that are carried over into what the models say for us this weekend. So while the NWS says snow, then rain, then snow again, I assure you it will not rain.

Other than that little rant, there isn't much new to say right now. I don't think the higher amounts on my map last night will occur, so I will be lowering them on my next map. However, the minimum amount for Groton should stay at 5"...I just think 10" is way too much to expect.

Look for another map later tonight between 5 and 7PM!

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