Sunday, August 10, 2008

Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

The sun we had most of the afternoon has finally given way to thunderstorms in our immediate area. So far, Groton has been spared, though there was a report of 1.75" in Scott in Cortland County.

It looks like that is about to change, however. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Groton and the surrounding areas until 8PM, though I wouldn't be surprised to see that time extended. A storm is moving north-northwest, coming at us from the Binghamton area. Hail reports have been frequent with this storm out of Broome County, the largest being 1.75". It looks a bit weaker than that, however. Hail is still possible, along with heavy rain and lightning. There is another storm a few miles to the southwest of that one, so the severe and flash flood threat will continue through the next hour or so.

Beyond that, there is a larger area of rain that will move in tonight. Here is a look at the radar over Tompkins County. The little boxes with three dots are recent reports of hail.

8PM update: The storm completely and utterly died. It is nothing more than a light shower now, despite producing 1.25" hail near Brooktondale. The other storm is still there and strong, but it might push west of Groton.

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