Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Strong Storms

4:30PM Update: The storm that I mentioned earlier (below) has begun to reach the end of its life cycle. All Groton should get from this is some rain. I would suspect that the previous storms today stabilized the atmosphere enough to kill this one.

Original Post: Groton and the area has already gotten a few thunderstorms today, one of which produced 3/4" hail in McGraw. After those storms passed, the Storm Prediction Center surprised me and issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, stretching from Steuben County (to our southwest) all the way into Maine. The watch runs until 11PM, but since we near the back edge of it, I would guess it will be cut back before that.

In the short term, storms continue to develop over our area and move eastward. One cell formed further west and has had time to develop into a strong, healthy looking storm. That storm is just northeast of Trumansburg and heading due east, straight for Groton. It could have some small hail with it right now, but by the time it gets here, it could very well have some slightly larger hail. I will edit this post as needed for any warnings that come out or any other information as this storm approaches. My best guess would be about 4:50PM for an arrival time of the heaviest rain in Groton.

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