Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Done Yet!

The snow has ended in Central New York for now. However, we are not done with this storm yet! I do not think this is a classic dry-slotting event, as it is more of a 'bubble' inside the larger precipitation shield instead of a plume. I think this gap is more likely an area between pieces of energy associated with this storm. The warm air trying to come north created the lift needed for our snow overnight and earlier today, but now that energy has worked off to the east. The energy associated with the low remains to our west, so right now, there is not enough lifting force to precipitate. That, plus the periods of sleet and freezing rain this morning, will keep snow totals away from the 12" mark. However, another few inches of snow can be expected as part 2 comes through later this afternoon, putting most places in the 6-10" range. Here is a look at the WeatherTap Radar from 2:15pm.

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