Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Morning Update

Just a quick update this morning. Sadly I still have classes this morning, so I won't be updating again for a while today.

Heavy snow is overspread the region and the radar shows plenty more to come. As of 8am, my house had 5.2". This will easily put us into the 7-12" range, even though it now looks like there could be some sleet mixing in for a time this afternoon. I still like the 7-12" prediction for most of the area.

The snow will continue through the afternoon and early evening before tapering off. Lake enhancement will hold the snow around after the storm moves off, giving some areas an extra couple of inches.

Weathertap National Radar:


  1. Im from Groton Whats Your Name man

  2. Drew Montreuil, GCS Class of '07 :)