Monday, January 15, 2007

Lake Effect Storm?

While our ice potential this morning didn't live up to its hype, at least here, we are not out of the woods yet. As the storm system responsible for this morning's ice and today's rain moves off to our east, cold, arctic air will spill down from Canada on northwest winds. Now that the ice threat is gone, my sources are finally focusing more on this event. It appears that a lake effect band will set up off the southeast end of Lake Ontario and just north or right over Groton. This lake effect will set up later tonight and last through tomorrow night. By the time it winds down Wednesday morning, there could be significant accumulations. The National Weather Service is saying 5-9" and I tend to agree with them at the time. What does this mean for snow day chances?

Tuesday: Minimal...Only 1 or 2" should fall by tomorrow morning, so I would bet $$ we will have school.
Wednesday: Slight...As of now, it looks like 2-4" will fall during the day tomorrow. That leaves about 3-6" for the overnight. I think most of this will likely fall earlier in the overnight as opposed to closer to daylight. As of now, I am going to say either school as planned or a 1-hour delay. I will update again tomorrow afternoon with a new outlook. Also, check the homepage for updates as well!

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