Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Web Page News

Here is a quick update on what I am doing with the web page.

Ask Drew: Another page I am remaking in HTML....I have gotten a couple questions, so be patient and I will get them up ASAP! Sorry for the delay....I haven't forgotten!

Daily Records/Monthly Stats: These pages are currently converted files I have on my computer. When I made this site, I used Yahoo's! Page Builder...which didn't allow me to just upload the files...instead I had to copy and paste that information and type any changes I wanted to make. I am now looking into the possibility of just uploading these files...maybe it will upload the changes I make when I do them on my computer....I'm still exploring...

Winter Weather Homepage: It came to my attention today that I had old snow day forecasts up from last winter on the WW homepage. Sorry for any confusion that caused! Snow day forecasts, along with all winter weather specific forecasts are on the homepage, directly below the forecast discussion. In the meantime, I will hopefully get around to remaking this page in HTML to make it more functional.

While I am working on these sections, I will probably just un-link the links. Like other links that lead to nowhere, I will mark these with an asterisk (*) so you know they are not functional.

In the weather....there could be some hefty lake snows once again Friday night through Sunday. Check out the website for more info starting Thursday morning.

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