Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snowstorm midweek?

Over the past few days, I have been watching the potential for a nor' easter to develop. At first, it looked like most of the snow would stay to the south. However, the projected area of snow has gradually creeped closer and closer and it now looks as if we may get hit. Here is what is happeneing:

A major storm is currently effecting much of the northwest. This potent system will move into the southern planes and hook up with the southern branch of the jet stream. A wide swath of 6-12" should fall from Nebraska almost due east into the Virginias by Tuesday morning. Then, the low moves just off the coast and heads north, developing into a classic nor' easter. It will not be terribly fast moving either, so the places that get the heavy snow will get quite a bit.

Right now, it is too early to tell how much we will get or if there will be any snowdays from this. Our best chance for a snow day at this point would probably be Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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