Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Blizzard

3PM: First off, Groton Schools have been closed for Wednesday! Here are the latest, more in depth thoughts I am having on the blizzard. First off, I am going to try to keep updating my webpage every few hours through tonight. My last update will either be 9PM or 12AM. Then tomorrow I will start updating again by 9 or 10 at the latest...assuming there is power that is. Here is the scoop:

A large area of snow stretching for Pennsylvania to Iowa, Southern New York to Tennesee (where it is rain) is slowly working its way towards us. This is all in association with a low over Arkansas and Mississippi that is pumping tons of moisture in from the Gulf of Mexico. Blizzard conditions, meaning high winds and snow that are causing near zero visabilities, are widespread in Indiana and moving into Ohio. As the low trecks east, it will reform over the Atlantic Ocean and become even stronger, spreading the blizzard conditions over us. If you don't have to, PLEASE don't travle tomorrow. Blizzards are not something to mess around with! The snow will continue through tomorrow and should taper off by sunset tomorrow. Here are the nit-picky details:

Storm Totals: 18"-24", with 3 feet possible. Drifts 4 feet or more.
Start time: Between 5PM and 7PM tonight.
Blizzard conditions: Late tonight and into tomorrow
End time: by sunset tomorrow
Travel conditions:
-Through about 9PM: Slowly deteriorating
-Late tonight (9PM-3AM): Becoming nearly impossible
-Tomorrow morning (3AM-12PM): Nearly, if not impossible
-Tomorrow afternoon (12PM-5PM): Still nearly impossible
-Tomorrow evening (after 5PM): Very bad, but slowly improving

Will we get two days off from this storm? There is a possibility. Winds will continue even after the storm stops, causing plenty of blowing and drifting. This will keep the plows very busy and school could be closed Thursday as well. Check back by 9 or 10 PM Tomorrow for a definate yes or no on Thursday!


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