Friday, March 16, 2007

The Latest Updates

Here are the latest updates on the winter storm. Some developments have occurred that has caused me to change my forecast a tiny bit. Here is what I am seeing:

These are regional radars from WSYR News Channel 9 that are 3 hours apart. The one on the top, image 1, is from just before 5PM, while the one on the bottom, image 2, is just before 8PM.

As you can see in image 1, the arrows point to the snow to our south, which is painted with solid, darker greys. This indicates a pretty solid area of heavy snow. Then look at 3 hours later. The darker, solid greys have broken up and there is a lot more white, indicating lighter snow. I think what is happening is the storm is a bit farther east than anticipated, which is breaking up the precipitation one the west side of the storm. As a result, I think our snow totals will be a bit less than I originally thought. By tomorrow morning, expect 5-9" with another 2-5" by Sunday as another low from the mid-west helps intensify our snow tomorrow afternoon and evening.

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