Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ice or Floods?

I am sticking to my guns, even though every local weather source I use says there will be a good amount of ice. Temperatures are warmer now than they were projected to be, and, with such a close call already, I think the extra few degrees should keep up out of the ice. Keep in mind, I am just using my gut feelings (although accuweather, which is more national, also says rain, not ice), so I have no idea if I will be right or wrong! As a result, I ask you to check back every so often....if it looks likes things will change, I will update! The most likely update times are as follows: 6, 8, 9 and 10PM. Here is the complete forecast:

Precipitation, which I think will be rain, will move in later tonight. Temperatures should still be above freezing, meaning whatever falls will not ice up. The temperature should rise a bit over night, keeping us in the rain until it tapers off tomorrow morning.

Don't be too surprised if there is a bit of thunder too! This is a very powerful storm system that is producing severe thunderstorms as far north as southern Michigan, which at this time does have a severe thunderstorm watch and warnings! I have never seen severe weather over such a large area (Michigan right down to the Gulf Coast, where there are some of the highest tornado probabilities I have seen), so far north this early in the year! It is quite amazing!

The rain will come down hard at times, especially if we get a thunderstorm. This, along with snow melt and a frozen ground, could cause flooding. If you are driving, and there is water covering the road, DO NOT drive through it! There is no way to tell how deep the water is and just a few inches can put your life in jeopardy!

So, as a quick recap: IF I am right, no ice, lots of rain, maybe some minor flooding and no day off tomorrow! Lets see how I do!

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