Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Snow

Yes, winter is coming back for a brief stay next week. Our spring like warmth will come to an end Wednesday as a powerful cold front moves through. It looks like snow showers are a good possibility Thursday right into the weekend. In fact, it is possible we will have a more Christmas like Easter than Christmas this past year (It was 40.5 with 0.47" of rain on Christmas, just for the record.) this so uncommon? My records are going on 5 years now, so I have 4 other Aprils to look at. Here is what I found in regards to April snow:

2003: We got 1" on the 1st and another 2" on the 7th, and 1.25" on the 23rd
2004: We got 4" on the 4th, and a dusting on the 28th
2005: We got 0.75" on the 4th, and a trace on the 24th and 25th
2006: We got a dusting on the 4th and 5th, with a trace on the 6th. No more snow in April, but in May last year, some of the hills in Cortland and Onondaga county got a couple inches of snow!

So....the first week in April seems to be historically snowy, making snow later this week not so odd.

However, I also looked at the temperatures following these snowy episodes: High 60's at least, with temperatures in 2003 getting all the way into the mid 80's! But even after that, as you see, one final cold shot. Then, on to summer!

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