Thursday, June 07, 2007

MAJOR SEVERE WEATHER TOMORROW is the more in depth forecast for tomorrow, when some major severe weather will come across the region. We have not seen a set-up like this in quite some time and we could be dealing with a bit of a tornado outbreak!

A very powerful storm system is plowing through the Midwest right now, and has already spawned over half a dozen tornadoes, with many more to come. Yesterday, the storm system didn't have as much severe weather because it was actually too strong! The high winds aloft shredded thunderstorms and major severe weather never occurred. However, today and tomorrow, that has changed. After lots of tornadoes, wind and hail tonight, this storm system will have its eyes on the Northeast, specifically Western and Central New York and Pennsylvania. Henry Margusity, the severe weather expert at, says he is "very concerned" about our area for tomorrow on his blog. He seems particularly concerned with the tornado threat, which is something we don't see much. On his blog, he specifically mentions a number of cities that are under the largest threat, among which he includes Binghamton, Syracuse and Rochester. Here is the link to his blog on if you care to read/watch what a real expert has to say as opposed to someone who has yet to graduate high-school.

Here is how tomorrow should shape up. The morning will be windy and sunny. After lows in the mid 60's, this sun and wind will only help boost our temperatures. Tomorrow could also end up being the hottest day so far this year, getting well into the 90's. Along with the heat, there will be plenty of humidity in place, so tomorrow will be a very nasty, muggy, hot day. In fact, heavy exercise outside probably isn't a good idea any time after noon. All this hot, moist air will be doing battle with cold air aloft, creating a lot of lift and instability. This will lead to the formation of towering thunderclouds. With strong winds aloft from the northwest and gusty winds from the south and southwest in the low and mid levels, everything is prime for these storms to rotate and produce tornadoes. Large hail and damaging winds are also possible. These storms will fire up in the afternoon and continue through the day. A more solidified line should move through later, with the main threat being wind damage with that. Overall, this has potential to be a tornado outbreak like we haven't seen in nearly a decade. Back in the late 90's, I remember a situation in Late May where there were over 30 tornadoes in New York. This will probably be the largest New York/Pennsylvania tornado outbreak since then. here is some quick review that will be helpful tomorrow. I would imagine we will have a tornado watch issued for us, probably by 1 or 2 PM. A tornado watch means conditions will be favorable for tornadoes, but doesn't mean there are any yet. Now, a means a tornado is either detected or spotted. IF A TORNADO WARNING IS ISSUED, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY! What do you do? Head to the lowest level of the building you are in. Go to an interior room that has no windows. If you are in school or some other such building, head to the hallways and sit against the wall. If you get caught outside and can't get inside, find a ditch and lay in it. In all of these situations, if the tornado hits you, COVER YOUR HEAD to protect it from injury. If you are in a car, get inside a building or find a ditch. DO NOT HIDE UNDER AN OVERPASS. Overpasses actually act as a wind tunnel and strengthen the winds.

Tomorrow during the day, I will post updates as much as I can to keep you ahead of the storm. Keep checking the grotonweather homepage and pay attention to the watches and warnings that are issued. And most of all, stay safe!

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