Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Severe Update: 6:15PM

Our severe thunderstorm watch continues this evening until 9PM. There is a cluster of thunderstorms in Rochester, which are moving out over Lake Ontario and will pose no threat to our area. Then, there is an organized line of storms entering New York and Pennsylvania. The only warnings with this line right now are well to the south. Based on the lack of severity now and the fact that this line won't come through after 10 or 11 tonight, I think our severe threat has greatly diminished. Even though Groton got missed...somehow....it was still a pretty large outbreak locally, with 4 wind/hail reports within 20 miles of Groton, and many more further out. Even the tornado threat panned out, with a tornado less than 100 miles away in Central Pennsylvania. If there is a reason to update, I will do so, but not until after 9PM.

According to the NWS, Cortland County was hit pretty hard. The report, however, for some reason that escapes me, got listed as a "non-thunderstorm" wind report, meaning it won't be listed with all the other ones. Regaurdless, if you have any pictures, please send them to me and I will post them!
non-thunderstorm wind? What are they thinking?

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