Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse Photo, Snow Map

Before I get onto the storm that will basically miss us tomorrow, I wanted to share a picture of last night's lunar eclipse that my dad took! Up here in Oswego, the lake effect band shifted just far enough south for me to see the eclipse, but I couldn't get any good pictures. So, in case you missed it last night, here is my dads picture! Thanks dad!

Alright, now onto the storm tomorrow. The models have finally started to come into some sort of agreement on the path of this storm. There is still some uncertainty, but it looks like this storm will stay well south of the area.

The uncertainty left with the storm has mostly to do with the southern part of the map, in the 3-7" range. Within that area, especially in the southeast part of that range, there could be some localized higher amounts. But for Groton and surrounding areas, it only looks like a couple inches will fall at the most.

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