Monday, February 25, 2008

Tuesday-Wednesday Snow Map: 3PM Update

A large storm system is currently moving across the Midwest and will bring some nasty weather for Central New York tomorrow and early Wednesday. While there is still a bit of uncertainty with this storm, here is my best shot at a forecast:

Now-1AM: Increasing clouds
1AM-9AM: Light snow moving in
9AM-6PM: Snow possibly changing to rain
6PM-9AM: Heavy snow

Now, the big question is whether or not we will change to rain or not. It will be a very close call with this storm, but it looks like there will be at least a short period of rain tomorrow afternoon. Areas just to the north should stay snow. This is why on the map below, there is a region for locally higher amounts to our north. A good 6-12" is likely with this storm, unless, of course, the track is a lot farther north and we get more rain. But the trends have been making this storm colder, so if anything, I think we would go all snow before we went with more rain.

Snow-day chances: I think after-school activities will likely be canceled tomorrow and a snow day Wednesday is possible, but not an absolute slam-dunk forecast. We will have to see how things evolve tonight and into tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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