Tuesday, February 26, 2008

STORM MODE: Morning Updates

Our storm is just starting to get going as light snow has broken out across New York. However, all this snow is well ahead of the storm center, which is back over Southern Indiana. It is to the north of this storm center that the heaviest snow is now. This will move over us later this evening and overnight with very heavy snow. As the storm tracks to our east and continues to strengthens, the winds will increase and the temperatures will drop like a rock, only adding to the heavy snow to make this a very dangerous storm. Here is a detailed forecast and radar loop:

Now-3PM: Generally light to moderate snow. Only a couple inches of accumulation since temperatures at the surface will be near or just above freezing.
3PM-9PM: Snow becomes heavy. Winds start to pick up, temperatures begin to fall into the mid and upper 20's.
9PM-9AM: Very heavy snow. Strong winds will blow the snow and cause near 0 visibilities. Temperatures will continue to drop through the 20's and into the teens.
9AM-3PM: Snow tapers off some, but lake effect will keep flurries and squalls around. Temperatures continue falling.
3PM-Thursday: Flurries, squalls and blowing snow. Dangerous wind chills well below 0.

Weathertap Radar: 9AM
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