Saturday, December 15, 2007

Final Snow Map

Here is my final predictions for the entire storm, not just limited to Groton. (click to zoom)

A couple of things to point out. First off, Groton falls in the pink, 12-18" range. Now for a while Sunday, warm air will try to move in. I don't think it will get here though, instead staying to the southeast where I have "sleet" written in. It is because of that sleet that snow totals are lower there. I am thinking the snow should start by 7 or 8PM Saturday. It probably won't get very heavy until after midnight, but we should already have 2-4" by Sunday morning. Through the morning hours, the snow will intensify and the winds will pick up. The temperatures will start to drop as well. By the afternoon, travel will become very dangerous. The snow will continue into Sunday night and not taper off until early Monday morning. It certainly looks like Monday will be a snow day.

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